Director Message

At the outset, I feel immense pleasure to greet you all with commencement of new academic session. Dolphin Public school, Cheetpur is a place where learning is a focal point, a home away from home where each child is given individual attention and effort is made to faster on over all development of child. The school aims to inculcate in each child the confidence and the ability to face the challenges that life offers and become determined to overcome hurdles and emerge victorious. The objective of the school is to provide stress free school environment where each child is a happy child and has the desire to learn and grow every child is given ample scope for his exposure in morning assembly. The principal is well known to all around and has competency to the team and committed to shape a child as biggest source of strength which will lead towards perfection. I’m confident that strong band of teachers of D.P.S will ensure effective teaching-learning process and networking with parents to provide a run-way for future prospects.


A healthy teacher parent relationship helps in grooming the child with a well balance personality. Considering the demand of society and realizing the parent’s desires for second home within the school campus, we started various circular activities during the last academic year. Performance within one year has given me a lot of satisfaction, When I interact with a student to notice his behavior, discipline and academic skills for all-round development.


I extend my good wishes to each and every parent, teacher and student who are part and parcel of the school for the excellent academic achievement under able guidance of teachers from different corners of country.