School has employed experience trainers for all forms of dances like western, folk, kathak etc.


Student play Casio, bingo, harmonium & table etc. as per their interest.


School has a developed Art and Craft Centre. Student learn painting, &  other skills under guidance and experienced teachers. Inter-class Competition on Substances abuse &  peer pressure.

Health &  hygiene workshop for Girls:

A health and hygiene workshop was conducted for the girls of Class VI to Class X. The aim of health and hygiene awareness was to create awareness about maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness as well as ensure that the girls understand how bad sanitation practices can have a negative impact on them and their families’ health. The teens were also told about the importance of protecting their health and promote their well-being. Awareness of the negative impact of bad sanitation practices on the environment was emphasized and they were also counseled on personal protection in public places.

Morning Assembly

The morning assembly is an important part of our school curriculum. It helps nurture a positive school ethos which in turn affirms the school’s identity and aspirations. It also nurtures development of interpersonal intelligence and  contributes to a pupil’s self-development, creating a sense of purpose in him. The inner capabilities of a pupil are brought to the fore. The morning assembly is a platform from where important announcements and information are